Green4Life Mobile Market food truck will be at the Greenbriar Mall EVERY Saturday.  We will be at Lutheran Towers the first  Friday of every month. Shoppers can purchase naturally grown fresh fruits, vegetables and local product on the spot. Support your local farmers and learn how to eat healthy.

If you would like for the Green4Life Mobile Market Truck to come to YOUR location.. Call Us let’s Talk!  770-374-0757

Eating Seasonal Can Be of Great Benefit!
Food experts, Health Experts and Chefs all agree that eating seasonal can be of great benefit! Including foods in your diet that are grown at the same time that you consume them is very important as it provides benefit to your health, the planet and your wallet.
Health Benefits of Eating Seasonal:
Eating seasonal helps  support the bodies natural cleansing ability
– Seasonal foods are picked at the peak of their freshness which offers high nutrition content
Sustainable Benefits of Eating Seasonal:
Organic seasonal foods are grown in a sustainable manner in which farmers rotate crops to increase soil fertility.
-Sustainable farmers provide healthier foods by not using toxic chemicals, poisonous pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified seeds
Environmental Benefits of Eating Seasonal:
Helps to protect our planet by limiting the amount of miles your food has to travel before it reaches your plate
– Reduction of mileage traveled helps to benefit the planet by cutting down on fuel and emissions which minimizes pollution.
Economical Benefits of Eating Seasonal:
When purchasing organic,  seasonal and locally grown foods you help to provide financial support to the local farmers in your area which in return helps to grow your local economy.
– Seasonal foods are priced much more  economically (lower cost)  than out of season foods which provides savings on your grocery bill.

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